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Echoing mr gray

Self-portrayed in reflective light

More revealing

Than the mirror’s naked gaze

Persona chosen to impress upon

Product of your very own volition

No slight return

To tried and tired convention


Wishing to defy outer decay

And inner demons

With a single shutter blink

Lasting longer than

Last week’s memories

A fidelity subject to change

No thought or action without contradiction


The skewed clarity of one beer too many

Preaching provocation

Leering, barbarous

Inebriated truths unleashed

Interrogating the inner sober civil man

Playfully swiping at all’s perceptions

Target the casually indifferent

Formless shadows

Comfortably acting on scripted rituals


Experience makes that outer man

A given fact resistant to dressing-up

Each occasion thickening calloused armour

Bland brittle strength

Cast iron susceptible to single blows

Broken down, crazing pattern cracked

Embryonic new beginnings


From now redundant shattered shell casing

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