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Wears the ears of former lovers

A gore-flecked accessory

They should have paid more attention

And given compliments as freely

They always offered their best

Still not what she craved for


Driven to distraction

By a need for drama

Put herself out on a limb

Destined for a hard fall

Poorly concealed neediness

Clearing the dance floor


Exceptional man

With his eye on the greenest field

A drowning embrace saying more than a Valentine

Abandoning reason for future moments of weaknesses

Ignoring consequences because the outlook is



Beyond any man’s reach

Because of impossible blueprint

Vividly pictured her great expectations

Good idea in principle

Like emotional communism


It’s why Spinsters have cats

And why men pursue hobbies

Best not to fall for love or other lofty ideals

The next bus along has the same destination

And in its way predictably pedestrian

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