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Can I be logical about it?

There’ll always be some doubt.

What do I ask of you?

A question loaded and pointed

straight back at me.


You spoke up for yourself

and in doing so

gave voice to my musing.

Before I thought of it



You had to prove yourself

and outgrow injustices

Me, average and unable

To be neither one thing or another


You with the courage of

One with nothing to lose

While I played safe

And believed that things turn out right

They didn’t

(or not as advertised)


Which is why I stand apart

as your band plays on

A music to make smiles

and raise a shout about

A living noise


The crowd gives me room.

Not knowing

That I neither bark nor bite.


To be embraced or pitied

I hope for too much.

When all I offer is muted

by fear of indifference.


You know me by my

desperate appeals.

On scraps of paper

and through Chinese whispers.

You’ve no need for a friend like me

But maybe one day we might talk

Of Lurkers and gallows trees.

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