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When the cicrcus came to town

Pageant of elephants, tigers and bears

Only heard of in stories or conjured in dreams

Here-say turned flesh, smell and fur

Stately procession proceeds down our street

We’ve all come with wide eyed stares


Exotic, exciting

Its strangeness enticing

Pulled into its wake

Lambs new-born and innocent


High above heads serene and composed

Soars a woman who sparkles

Skill, ropes and wires

Some sort of angel flies wingless

Defying death swooping

Trust what our eyes see

Suspended in disbelief


Band drumming up custom

Costume and drama

Escape route from drab life

Promising fresh revelations

Mystical, mythical

Beyond true understanding


The show moved on

But was never forgotten

By those who had seen it

Kept close to their hearts

For sheer spectacle

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