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Nothing gained

Same old story every time

She’s seen in the right sort of place

Independent, comfortable,

champion of hopeless causes

Close by in profile

Wolfing down school dinner supper

Later on wall flower

Clinging onto ancient radiator

Foot tapping time

To the night’s live attraction


Probable second chances

Far less credible third time lucky

Outside in Chatham town weekend

Crowded grey pavement

First thoughts for the children

Or hiding behind them

Avoid disappointment by not interrupting

Her disappearance into a night time distance


Little distinction between

Waking white feathers and recalled dream

No place for heroes in either it seems

Wasn’t her face but might well have been

Bravery shown in sleep and not when it counted

Phone number exchange is where eyes opened

Disfigured figure eights not able to be read

Other numbers pen-blurred on blotting paper



Trust me to be thwarted by circmstance

Especially when in sub-conscious charge of it

Damp-squib dreams- you can keep them

Wishing as ever to venture nothing

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